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EMEN International Event: Finance Needed? Cross your own Borders!

June 20, 2019

Are starting migrant entrepreneurs really that different from native entrepreneurs (or entrepreneurs without a migrant background)? Do we need to treat them as a special target group? Do we have to set up special schemes to finance their new businesses? Businesses that for sure will be helpful to them to participate in society, to break out of exclusion, to add value to society. Or do they also have their own ways of mobilising finance?

Not all migrants and refugees arriving in Europe are destitute, without assets or resources. Some of them have savings that they use to finance a new business in their new country of residence. Some of them have friends and relatives to support them. And most certainly some of them have organised informal ways to mobilise and channel finance to their new ventures. And of course, some of them make use of the possibilities that the internet offers: There must be transborder peer-to-peer lending mechanisms, there must be transborder crowdfunding activities, and most probably there are even virtual currency mechanisms.

But we do not see these new developments and mechanisms, we are not well informed about them, we cannot visualise them, and new programmes and policies sometimes do not reflect them either.

Time for reflection. Hence this event. We are creating a space to meet, talk, converse, investigate and discuss:

  • how migrant entrepreneurs might finance their new ventures
  • how they can make use of existing formal and informal financing mechanisms
  • how they can make use of mainstream facilities
  • how special mechanisms might be relevant, needed and desirable.
  • how start-up programmes can support migrants in finding finance

Existing organisations, projects and programmes are given a platform to show what they are doing. We will do so by creating a market place where ideas are offered and interested idea-hungry persons have a chance to get information about approaches that they might use in their own environment. Leading, thought-provoking professionals and practitioners will be given the floor to share their ideas; brief, catchy pitches and brief talks, to confuse, to open eyes, to give that little push into the direction people already wanted to go.

And an event where you will be challenged to leave your comfort zone, cross the border of what you are used to do. And when you leave, you may feel confused, inspired, worried, intrigued and informed.


June 20, 2019


The Hague
The Hague, Netherlands + Google Map
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