Azhar Mohamad, 25 years old, used to worked in the textile industry in his home country of Bangladesh. He as supervisedor of a department of 40 people. Yet, when he arrived in Italy, he realised technology is evolving, and saw a it could become a business opportunity for him. 

His plan was to develop a business to repair and recover mobile and rearrange cell phones, as well as  and for selling mobile sell phone accessories. With the help of his mentor at MicroLab, he developed a simple business plan, selected a small shop for rental and developed a small network of suppliers. With support, Azhar was able to receive microcredit of €10,000 from PerMicro, an Italian microcredit agency, to develop his business.

As part of the auxiliary services, following the national regulation on microcredit, Azhar will be monitored for the first 12 months by a mentor to help give sustainability to the startup. The direct beneficiaries of MicroLab activities are young potential entrepreneurs and approximately 50 percent of them are from foreign countries, like Azhar. Each activity is free for beneficiaries in order to be trained and accompanied for business development support thanks to the contribution of donors through projects and corporate social responsibility.


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