Mykola, originally from Ukraine, moved several years ago to Italy and has been living in Naples for 10 years.

Like many others, he was looking for a bright future for him and his family. Mykola and his father started to work as labourers. He was saving up the money to start his own first activity: a multi-ethnic convenience store in Varcaturo. Even being so far from home, he tried to capitalise his knowledge and intercept the needs of his community.

Despite the first difficulties and naive bad advice from the self-styled practitioner, the success has come after hard efforts. His store has proved to be self-sustainable, and this has allowed Mykola to take up more ventures.

He might be young, but he is serious and responsible. Understanding the needs of his community in Italy, he realised it was important to have a place to hold ceremonies, eat and be together. He transformed it into a Ukrainian restaurant called Anastasia. 

Mykola was looking for a loan to start his new entrepreneurial adventure, that is how he came across PerMicro, a member of M-UP, and met loan officer, Roberto, and Enrico, a volunteer business mentor of MicroLab.

Enrico says: “He had great ideas and was very determined. With the little Italian he knew, he answered my questions and described the economic trend of the restaurant, the problems of managing external staff, and the changes in the menu he wanted to bring. I mostly agreed with him”.

At the same time, Roberto also reveals “Mykola takes risks, as an entrepreneur must do, showing his determination, never standing back before any test that the market made him face. Despite the difficulties, Mykola always tried to catch all of the market opportunities”.

Today Mykola owns a mini-market of groceries from Eastern-European countries that is managed by his wife, a restaurant with 120-180 seats, a company that organises music and theatre events, plus a big food market in via Galileo Ferrari close to central station in Naples.

This is the success story of a man who kept every promise and reversed his initial conditions, by crafting the values of his hardworking origins into successful businesses in the territory that welcomed him.

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