Every day, Zoryana and her mother open the shutters of the shop, turn on their baking ovens, start the mixer and bring their colourful creations worthy of weddings, baptisms and communions from the fridge to the display cabinates at the front of their shop.

Zoryana is a young Ukrainian woman with a passion for cake decorating, which she picked up from her mother, Zhanna. Zoryana’s mother was a professional chef for many years, and now the mother-daughter team is taking the next step in their careers – opening their own catering business and patisserie. 

Not being Italian, they have faced many struggles with starting their company, from the language to the uninclusive and competitive business environment. They were supported by PerMicro, a member of M-UP network in Italy, where they met Roberto, a loan officer, and Mauro, a business mentor volunteer from MicroLab.

The determination and passion of the chefs struck the two men and Roberto says that when visiting the pair, he saw how many tasks and issues they juggled with ease. One of the strengths of the Phoenix Patisserie has certainly been innovation and the ability to anticipate trends by introducing original decorations to their creations. Pastry requires precision, rigour and love.

Today their patisserie is a consolidated and successful store for local people, as well as restaurateurs in need of supply. In such a competitive market, the women have done well to make their products stand out among traditional Italian competitors.

The local people may never know who prepared that multi-layered cake, covered with colourful icing and sugar flowers, but Zoryana and her mother don’t seem to mind. When they return home each evening, they are proud to be independent business owners.

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