Six years ago Alice and Anita fulfilled their dream: they opened Libreria Corteccia, an independent bookshop founded in November 2014 in Milan and specialized in books for children, teenagers, Italian/foreign fictions and photography. However, Corteccia is not just a bookshop, it is a warm venue with cosy atmosphere to organize meetings, presentations, workshops and weekly activities, and grow the relationship between Aliceand Anita, and with the others.

Focused on quality, the bookshop offers many small independent publishing houses’ books an opportunity which would hardly find space in large stores. It allows them to meet new people, great professionals, authors, and passionate people who propose new ideas in order to offer their readers a living place that helps people to meet each other in a different context, free from stereotypes. Alice and Anita said “This is a small microcosm out of time, where you can feel at home!“

“Our strong point is the personal relationship we create with our clients, many of them have become friends in these years.“

Unfortunately, in 2016 a new metro line was built near their shop and the closure of the roads around the shop brought some problems to their business Plan. “We have worked and invested in relationships with customers and with other independent bookshops in Milan, believing in the idea that networking is a key resource. With great effort, we managed to maintain the sustainability of our business and, at the End of 2019, we saw an economic recovery, despite the issues.”

The current situation with the Covid-19 emergency, in Lombardy, one of the most affected Italian region from the pandemic, and the related temporary closure of the shop is bringing them back into uncertainty. “At the moment our short-term goal is to be able to return to a normal situation and correct the negative impact of this period on our business as soon as possible. In the future we would like to improve our website by including online sales and boosting our digital knowledge and online visibility.”

“During these days of Covid-19 quarantine we are feeling the closeness and support of our readers and thanks to the collaboration with ALI, an independent publishing house and the initiative : Libri con le ali (books with flight) we are resilient enough to keep organizing home delivery services for our costumers.”

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