A MoneyGram Award is born in 2009 and it was the first italian award for migrant entrepreneurs. It rewards the courage and the dedication that it took to implement new business ideas by migrant entrepreneurs, in a country that was not home, but it is become. On the other hand, this prize is an award for the multicultural nature given to the national business.

Thanks to the experience of these years, MoneyGram award is now implementing this project with an European edition, the European MoneyGram Awards 2019. The aim of this award is to honor migrant entrepreneurs for their achievements and merits in their new home countries.

The call is open to migrant entrepreneurs in Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, UK and Germany and the awards will be given in the categories of Social Responsibility, Profit Growth and Innovation.

From September 2019 the participants started to present their story and their business relating to each category and they shared their profile on Facebook and other social to collect votes.

After that, there will be a national selection for each categories in each country and every national winner will be awarded at an official gala event in Brussels on the 7th November 2019.

For more information, please check: https://www.moneygram-awards.eu/it/home-it/.


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