To make young entrepreneurs successful, resources and a suitable framework for support are necessary. Help with access to capital is just one building block. In order to develop a viable business model, resources are needed above all to handle the first orders.

In this context KIZ created together with “The Human Safety Net”  from Generali a cluster with “Beehive” a cluster of young entrepreneurs, which is supported by different partners (trainers, coaches, mentors, peers). A founder stays in a Beehive for a maximum of 1.5 years and can repeatedly receive order credits. The goal is to develop a viable business model.

The Beehive Credit aims at founders with a refugee and immigrant background who are being assisted in the project “The Human Safety Net” and have a first client. The founders receive a loan for 2-6 months to carry out a specific order from customers.

On 27 September, the Allocation Committee granted the first credit to the Syrian artist Dima Alerefai and her company ‘Coleur de la Vie’ for a vernissage on 6-7 December in Saarbrücken. ‘Couleur de la Vie’ not only sells Dima Alrefai’s paintings, but also offers art classes for children and aims at becoming an art school. She is also the first founder to join the Cluster of the Deutsche Microfinanz Institut e.V (DMI), a German-wide network of founders with a refugee and migrant background and supporters.

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