Cláudio Ribeiro

“We need to prove that we are actually different, you need to prove that you have something special and that you are not ordinary.”

Cláudio Ribeiro is a Brazilian who lived and worked in many different countries since he was 19 years old. He studied design and advertising in the USA, did a post- graduation in Marketing in London and worked for a few advertising agencies in England and Brazil. Throughout his journey he was always interested in developing a deeper vision of branding by applying psychology to business concepts. He developed his personal and innovative approach to branding, where he sees the brand as a person. According to him, if a brand is seen as a person, than it can go through changes and it can become a “better person”. That is why he also offers re-adaptation of brands.

“I was bringing psychology, archetypes and theories of the collective unconscious into the branding universe.”

With this unique approach to branding and designed he started his own company SartreGumo Branding in Brazil in 2011 and since then he is expanding. The company offers a complete approach of brand building, diagnosis, strategy to brand identity design. His target groups are new starting businesses and already existing ones that want to create their brand or review their image and reposition themselves in the market.

He came to Germany to explore new possibilities for his venture. The opportunity came due to a friend that lived in Berlin and became his first client in Europe. From this point on he started exploring the chance of getting established in European markets.

For him, the biggest challenge of being an entrepreneur in Germany is the language. When he arrived in the country he didn’t have the faintest clue about the language. He also didn’t know anything about the market. Additionally, people didn’t know him, he was completely new to the market place. So he didn’t feel, in a certain sense, like expanding his business, but that he was actually starting from zero.

“It is actually a process of planting seeds, trying to make people see you and introduce yourself in a business environment.”

He mentions that it is only natural that the natives will always ask themselves why they should hire someone from another country and not someone that speak their language and have their customs.  And therefore the migrant needs to prove himself.

“We need to prove that we are actually different, you need to prove that you have something special and that you are not ordinary.”

Cláudio encountered a company that could give him the best advice on kicking off in Germany which was a great support for him: He got help in opening the business, settling in the city (Cologne), opening a bank account and everything. The partnership lasts until this day.

“It was very, very important. They gave me all the previous support”.

His advice for all foreign entrepreneurs is to look for help. There is a whole transformation in a person’s life when she moves to another country: how her family will be accommodated, language, culture and etc. The solutions addressing the difficulties in migrant entrepreneurship could involve a full range support, not only business wise but also how to adapt the person in this new context and to realize how the host country and the migrants could profit together.

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