The ‘Fast Lane to the Labour Market’ project offers an innovative approach for the problem of integrating refugees into the labour market. With its approach being both integrative and co-operational, based on the principles of Work-based learning (WBL), ECVET as well as content and language integrated learning (CLIL), it shortens the time span from the refugees’ arrival until the point of entrance into the labour market because it combines the acquisition of language skills, social and cultural integration as well as vocational qualification. The project encompasses all phases that members of said target group have to pass through: arrival and orientation, qualification and education as well as integration into the primary job market.

The available reports give an overview of the current situation of refugees in all partner countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands). It shall not just sum up statistics and figures but moreover focus especially on the situation of refugees in the VET and labour market systems.

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