The Network for Migrant Entrepreneurs to Scale Up and Grow (M-UP)

aims to promote and seek to new opportunities for creation and growth of migrant enterprises, through the participation of public and private actors from 10 different countries.

Meet Semir Sakic

“Even through difficult times you always have to stick to your dream. If you want to be successful, you have to work hard and fight for it. Never give up!”

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Nael Fayad

Nael Fayad

   Nael Fayad is from Syria and worked his whole life in the saddlery and upholstery business in his home country. Together with his wife and two daughters he lived a comfortable life until the day he had to make the decision to flee to Germany. That was five years...

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 Latest M-UP News

MoneyGram Awards 2019

A MoneyGram Award is born in 2009 and it was the first italian award for migrant entrepreneurs. It rewards the courage and the dedication that it took to implement new business ideas by migrant entrepreneurs, in a country that was not home, but it is become. On the...

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This website is part of the project Network for Migrant Entrepreneurs to Scale Up and Grow — EMEN-UP (no. 764398) which has received funding from the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020)

The Network for Migrant Entrepreneurs to Scale Up and Grow

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